Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) – “plays with” client funds held in his custody…

Mercurio BTC Hello. mr. Daniel.


09:57I need to know what is happening and what you intend to do.

09:58I got scammed before by an American and some British….and did not end well for them.

09:59Im good at getting scammed….

09:59so what do you want to do?

MB10:05 Mercurio BTC Last time when I checked the bot I found that balance on your account disappeared. I got scared and quickly left Cambodia. I don’t have excuse for it, because you entrusted me custody of you money which I failed. I intend to refund your money of course.
My only idea how API keys may be leaked is when I sent you backup keys over open network. I want to return your money and stay away of trouble.

D10:06Dan I dont believe that.


MB10:07Mercurio BTCI know, so how much do I owe you?

D10:08Danlast balance check from BOT….

10:09 Available coins:
BTC : 0.03976737
BNB : 3.57E-6
USDT : 94772.28876593
NANO : 0.0962
HBAR : 0.51
HIVE : 0.58
XPR : 2.997
NFT : 13739.256905
SGB : 2.1132846

10:14with your honest response, I will correct/revise action/posts already made and stop any further action, so that your reputation is not damaged

10:26so just tell me what you want to do

MB10:27Mercurio BTC

I need time to collect refund

D10:27Dan how much time?

MB10:28Mercurio BTC I can’t know

D10:28Dangive me an estimate

10:30or a repayment schedule

D10:59Dan do you have transaction history from Binance that shows where the coins went?

11:03In reply to this messagewhat is the “open network” that you refer to?

MB11:03Mercurio BTC

I bought a car and even if I manage to sell it quickly for the same price (which is nearly impossible), after what I lost on January’s crypto fall playing with your money, I’ll manage to have 94000 USDT. Thank god still able to repay the debt and will be left empty pocketed and my mother and I without apartment

D11:04Dan um….”playing with your money”??

MB11:05Mercurio BTC In reply to this message

I beg you to keep this conversation private. I know about the domain name step

D11:05 Dan you are giving me 2 different answers

11:05one is that API keys got leaked

11:06second is that you were playing with my money and lost it in the Jan crash

D11:25 Dan just be honest with me….which one is correct?

11:25 and please give a repayment schedule

D13:36Dan I am willing to work with you on a schedule….how about $10K per month on the first day of each month?

13:36 but I need to see action not just words/promises

D 14:46 Dan so again….let me know what you want to do….

MB15:53 Mercurio BTC In reply to this message

the last. and the $10k per month is bearable, I have a chance to solve it

16:03 I lost on Jan crash as well because I bought bitcoin to hide it

MB 16:25Mercurio BTC Then bought LUNA, then bought UNFI 😓

16:26 don’t have any property to sell

D16:38 Dan Well, you know you should not have been playing with my funds.

16:39I trusted you to keep it secure and paid you transaction fees per our agreement

16:40So if you can make payments according to a schedule, then I can agree to not take further action.

16:40But you need to give me a schedule and make a first payment ASAP.

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