Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков), factual re-interpretation linguist

If you choose to entrust your crypto funds with Maksim Tcepkov, do not be surprised later, when you request the return of your funds held in his custody, he re-characterizes your funds placed in his entrusted custody as “debt”, labels you a greedy “debt collector”…..and refuses to return your money.

Quote: “As for money, I can’t give you what I don’t have. Go ahead and try to proof debt with the Russian court.

By the law court gives debtors time to earn money, not like you demand “here and now or 10% interest”. Our court does not sieze the only roof from people, like you demand.

I need to focus now on creating another business instead of current that you are taking actions to destroy. To make money I need to free mind for creativity.”

For the record, the client never made any statement or request about seizing any home. There was also no loan agreement and the client did not act as lender to Maksim.

Maksim Tcepkov has any interesting conception of what it means to run a “business”.

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