Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков), invents radical new business strategy by stealing client funds

Disrupting traditional ideas of what it means to “do business”, Maksim Tcepkov is re-writing the rules and the world’s top MBA programs are taking note!

By simply taking his client’s funds and relabeling them “his funds” – Maksim has found a way to radically increase profitability without increasing expenses.

William Buffet says, “Frankly, its mindblowing that nobody thought of this before.”

Bill Gates says, “Talk about hacking the traditional business approach – Maksim Tcepkov has truly re-written the rules of global business.”

With such a paradigm shift – by re-categorizing “your funds” as “his funds”, the business world will never be the same!

Maksim Tcepkov, [3/6/2022 1:46 PM]
I don’t want to overthrow him. He’s doing the right thing moving NATO away of our borders.
As for money, I can’t give you what I don’t have. Go ahead and try to proof debt with the Russian court.
By the law court gives debtors time to earn money, not like you demand “here and now or 10% interest”. Our court does not sieze the only roof from people, like you demand.
I need to focus now on creating another business instead of current that you are taking actions to destroy. To make money I need to free mind for creativity.

Maksim Tcepkov, [3/6/2022 1:53 PM]
You have already damaged reputation significantly that had cut income, I need to start from scratch because of it. Any new business takes time and has uncertain outcome. I can’t predict future and can’t commit to anything because of it.

Dan, [3/6/2022 3:02 PM]
Um….you damaged your own reputation by “playing with” your clients money and losing it and refusing to pay it back.

Dan, [3/6/2022 3:03 PM]
the Payback Deal that I proposed was basically a free loan to you for 10 months….cant get much more fair considering what you did

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