Maxim Tcepkov, the Russian Eminem


I’m Max Tcepkov – straight outta Cherdantsevo – where the snow is as white as the inner thighs of our dumpling boiling mothers.

Im not really sure who I am – except that I am all about the CRYPTO bro! As a “digital nomad”, “crypto evangelist” and “decentralized finance expert”, I enjoy jetting to the koolest places on the planet and sharing pics of my celebrity lifestyle on social media on the World Wide Web!

Check me out on Instagram! Sometimes I’m dressed as an Eminem lookalike (from the hood) or an extra from a hip-hop video. Style. I got it!!

I’m INTERNATIONAL. I speak English and have friends from around the world. I steal money from some of them and then turn around and blame them for it – because they trusted me to hold it – but its all kool man, just call me Mercurio.

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