Global Digital Nomad and Crypto-Evangelist Performs “FEAT” by stealing client funds!

Quote from Telegram conversation:

Max Tcepkov: “I assure you law enforcement will not protect you here. Telegram chats has no legal power and what you sent to my account is 1) happened in foreign country, 2) has no written legal agreements on what terms money was sent.
No lawyer will be able to do anything with evidence you have. Finally majority of government clerks are brain-washed against Americans and will not do anything, we have our own problems now.

Denunciation of my name is not serious at all. I can choose other name and continue business as usual.

Frankly, I do not believe you’re a saint law-abiding citizen. Why would you seek to hide money on other’s accounts? Why my binance is lost? To steal stolen money is a feat here. My friends cheer me up.

Online shadow business, which I believe you do, has risks and you accepted this risk when you trusted money to a private person instead of a corporation. Again, I believe the reason is that you just couldn’t move it to corporate to avoid AML checks which you can’t pass. As you told before, others took your money as well, which proves that you hide dirty money on other’s unsuspecting accounts for years. And as I told to steal stolen is a feat.

I urge you to accept reality of this loss, focus on income. I wish you success and hope NATO and Russia will not ever be in war and the world we know now will continue to exist.

Good luck. I will remain silent from now on.”

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