Summary of Claim against Maksim/Maxim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков)

During year 2021 the Client purchased cryptocurrencies through Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) as intermediary broker and engaged Maxsim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) as custodian (trustee) to hold his cryptocurrency funds in a separate account on the Binance trading platform.

On 26 January 2022, the Client requested repayment of the full balance of approximately USD 95,000.

After admitting to having “played with the Client’s funds, Maxim Tcepkov initially agreed to repay the amount (without interest or penalty) owed over the course of the next 10 months – in 10 equal payments beginning in January 2022 and made the first monthly payment on 31 January 2022 of US$9,500.

Subsequently, at the end of February 2022, Maxim again refused to accept responsibility and meet his agreed obligations and declined to make any further payments – even justifying his actions by accusing the Client of having illegally-obtained funds.

Currently, the total debt owed is US$85,500 + actual costs of approximately US$2,000. This amount does not include other suffering caused resulting in depression, insomnia, mistrust of human beings.

The Client – due to such events – created this website in order to create a public document of the facts of the matter and to pressure Maxim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) to return the Client’s funds.

The Client retained legal counsel in Russia to start civil litigation against Maxim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) filing claims for injunction and damages and to file a respective request with the competent criminal prosecutors in Russia since Maxsim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) has expressly refused to return the stolen funds of his client.

This website is a warning to cryptocurrency traders, investors and business associates of Maksim Tcepkov Максим Цепков and his “business practices”.