Pre-Theft Telegram Chat History with Max Tcepkov (Максим Цепков)

Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) uses the Telegram app to communicate with his clients using the name Mercurio. When Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) recently responded he deleted the entire record of transaction discussion, but prior to deletion, the client saved the following conversation history from January 2021 – January 2022:

Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) 8 January 202

1D12:25Danhello12:25do you have BTC to sell?

MT12:26Maksim TcepkovHello. How much?


MT12:29Maksim TcepkovCan receive with Wing. Binance*1.0312:29Agh))

D12:29DanI have not used Wig before12:29what is “1.03”?12:30I use Binance too

MT12:30Maksim TcepkovFind any agent, they will do 3 txs for you 1000 each12:30Send to 963360000

D12:30\Danbut you need my address right?

MT12:30Maksim TcepkovYes

D12:30Danwhat is “3 txts”….?12:30sorry?

MT12:31Maksim TcepkovTransactions

D12:31Dandoes Wing have a $1,000 Maximum?

MT12:31Maksim TcepkovPer tx

D12:31Danand what is your fee?

MT12:37Maksim TcepkovMy rate is binance +3%

D12:38Danok12:38do you broker sales as well?

MT12:39Maksim TcepkovYes, with amounts higher than 20k9 January 2021

D13:49DanHi, I just logged into Binance but cannot find my address for you find me and send to me.13:49i had someone do this for me before13:50any help?

MT13:50Maksim TcepkovWallets, spot, btc, deposit, copy address

D14:05Danwhich network?14:1217zBUpj4qkcW3XnfLCB1A8hzNo3Vmgygak14:12this address appeared under BTC network for Deposits

MT14:14Maksim TcepkovRight

D15:25Danjust sent you $1K from 096 268 138815:25please confirm15:25I will look for the deposit in Binance15:26and then proceed with the additional transactions

MT15:26Maksim TcepkovSent where?

D15:27Danto your number via WingMT15:29Maksim TcepkovOk15:29About 30 minutes


MT15:41Maksim TcepkovI need code for wing15:41Better slip photo

MT16:00Maksim TcepkovI can’t pick up without


from 096 268 1388MT16:32Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Jan 9, 2021 16:31:50)

D18:40DanI have sent you $2K more from the same number

MT18:40Maksim TcepkovToday is too late to pick up

D18:43Danwhen can you send?

MT18:43Maksim TcepkovTomorrow


from 096 268 138818:46

10 January 2021

D08:43Dansending soon?

MT10:46Maksim TcepkovGood morning. Will pick up soon


D11:05Danjust so I know….do you visit Wing on a daily basis?

MT11:05Maksim TcepkovLately yes, except weekends

D11:05Danok, noted.

MT12:59Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Jan 10, 2021 12:58:57)13:03b2ffdf37d3319e419a2a486a6cc4831bc43162dd98834fa742c0b70a7fc37e35

D14:04Danok14:04what is this last code?

MT14:04Maksim TcepkovTxid to your wallet14 January 2021

D13:29DanI just sent you $3K13:29can you send BTC today?13:29also, can I transfer to a bank account instead of Wing?13:30would save me some time…

MT13:30Maksim TcepkovI’ll pick up in an hour. I accept cash only, no banks sorry


MT13:30Maksim TcepkovTo which number you have sent?13:30And I need photos of receipts

D13:31Dansent to same # as before13:33from 096268138813:33WIN_20210114_13_31_55_Pro.jpg235.8 KB13:33WIN_20210114_13_32_07_Pro.jpg215.5 KB13:33WIN_20210114_13_32_25_Pro.jpg209.2 KB

MT13:35Maksim TcepkovYour address?

D13:36Dancan I give you the same BTC that you used before?

MT13:36Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageWill send there

D13:36Dansame BTC address13:36yes13:37it worked before so if that address stays the same, then please use that address again

MT14:16Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Jan 14, 2021 14:15:54)14:18 you for business

D14:26Dansent already or not yet?14:26I dont see it in my Deposits

MT14:27Maksim TcepkovIt’s not yet confirmed by blockchain

D15:39Danconfirmed yet?15:41the link you sent seems to still say that the transaction is unconfirmed…..odd?

MT15:42Maksim TcepkovToo low fee I think. If will not be included in a block soon, I’ll increase the fee

D15:55Danok but does the USD/BTC rate change….its currently US$38,600/1BTC

MT15:57Maksim TcepkovIn our deal it doesn’t. I sold to you already as usual binance +3%

D16:22Danif it is sold at price of $39,550 then I would expect to receive it when it is at this price (minus your fee)…..Im still waiting to receive

MT16:34Maksim TcepkovJust paid $50 to confirm this tx faster15 January 2021

D16:01DanI have $3K more….can you send it today?

MT16:01Maksim TcepkovHi, yes I can

D16:02Danand can you send it faster than yesterday?16:02the wait was a bit discomforting….

MT16:02Maksim TcepkovYes, I’ll set better fee. Last time app set just 2sat/b

D16:03DanOk, sending soon….

MT16:03Maksim TcepkovOk, I’ll send calculation on pick up

D16:31DanJust sent $4K16:32from 096 268 138816:32WIN_20210115_16_31_27_Pro.jpg308.3 KB16:32WIN_20210115_16_31_36_Pro.jpg295.5 KB16:32WIN_20210115_16_31_45_Pro.jpg298.6 KB16:32WIN_20210115_16_31_53_Pro.jpg289.4 KB

MT16:33Maksim TcepkovOk

MT17:27Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Jan 15, 2021 17:27:46)17:28In reply to this messageThere

D17:28Danare we looking at different rates? has BTC at 38,500 now

MT17:29Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Jan 15, 2021 17:29:11)17:29You’re right, mistaken in number17:29

Screenshot (Jan 15, 2021 17:29:41)17:31Bitcoin / Transaction / bc9fcbad11b81660469f00168091fe1b0d97361d7ec30fe6d05acd64a6bbbf90 — Blockchair

D17:56Dannot received yet

MT18:00Maksim TcepkovI set $7 fee dude. It will take 1-2 hours. Instant confirmation costs like $4018:00There are not enough miners

D18:01DanI see….I just dont remember waiting this long before

MT18:02Maksim TcepkovBecause blockchain is very busy now

D18:02Danis there no option between $7 and $40?18:02or do you just state any fee?

MT18:02Maksim TcepkovAny fee

D18:03Danseparate question – do you do face to face transactions?

MT18:03Maksim TcepkovYes, for amounts more than 2k

D18:03Danin Phnom Penh?

MT18:03Maksim TcepkovYes18 January 2021

D16:25Danis there still time to send to you today?

MT16:26Maksim TcepkovYes, i close 7


D17:13Dan$3K sent

MT17:13Maksim Tcepkovokay we’ll pick up in an hour

D17:14Danfrom 096 268 138817:14WIN_20210118_17_13_21_Pro.jpg282.9 KB17:14WIN_20210118_17_13_32_Pro.jpg283.6 KB17:14WIN_20210118_17_13_40_Pro.jpg276.7 KB

MT18:15Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Jan 18, 2021 18:15:50)18:30Transaction: 61d1866bb3da5256856642cbcac49f91959c13929e26f50ff1b9dc6882073cfd | Blockchain Explorer

MT19:20Maksim TcepkovDammit, brother I’ve sold -3% to you instead of +3% :((19:21

Screenshot (Jan 18, 2021 19:21:18)19:21This is the real rate19:23Please bounce back 0.00524 back to my binance address, your fee will be refunded bybinance19:2314Cj2z8JpkhcEhnzNFjfDeePuXXpJpFowx

D20:29Danso I send you 0.00524 BTC and then some amount is refunded by Binance?

MT20:31Maksim TcepkovBinance takes 0.0005 fee. You should send total 0.0057 and you’ll get back 0.0005 when they process withdrawal

D20:32DanCan we work this out in the next transaction?

MT20:33Maksim Tcepkovsure let’s keep it in mind

D20:33Danmay be tomorrow

MT20:33Maksim TcepkovOk19 January 2021

D14:08Dando you have $5K of BTC to sell?

MT14:09Maksim TcepkovYes

D14:10Danand can you explain again what happened yesterday? you used an incorrect rate?

MT14:10Maksim TcepkovYes, I was confused I’m buying so calculated -3% instead of +3%14:11I was selling

D14:11Danyes14:12so you will deduct the fee for the prior transaction (3%) from the next total amount of BTC?

MT14:13Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageYes, this amount will be withheld from BTC payout

D14:13Danok, I will send soon through Wing

MT14:14Maksim TcepkovGreat. I’m going to agent now to pick up another transfer. Any estimate?

D14:14Danestimate of time?14:14I can do in 20 min

MT14:14Maksim TcepkovOk

D14:45Danjust sent

MT14:46Maksim TcepkovCodes?

D14:46Danfrom 096 268 138814:46WIN_20210119_14_45_33_Pro.jpg232.2 KB14:46WIN_20210119_14_45_45_Pro.jpg241.9 KB14:46WIN_20210119_14_45_55_Pro.jpg233.1 KB14:46WIN_20210119_14_46_11_Pro.jpg222.5 KB14:46WIN_20210119_14_46_22_Pro.jpg232.4 KB

MT15:09Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Jan 19, 2021 15:09:23)15:09

Screenshot (Jan 19, 2021 15:09:46)


MT15:10Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageThere15:10

Screenshot (Jan 19, 2021 15:10:41)


MT15:16Maksim TcepkovTransaction: 76c9784db2a34553b61db00e180dcb48a019bfe1775c090c4d1e7c6dc10f8172 – mempool – Bitcoin Explorer 50bb26f1846c5cebcecd1143b8d1ae127f4ef425b00a2462a35712685a816356 – mempool – Bitcoin Explorer

D15:19Dandid you split it into 2 transactions?

MT15:19Maksim TcepkovYes, didn’t have enough in single wallet

D15:20Danbut total that you are sending is 0.12565, correct?

MT15:23Maksim TcepkovYes15:23All sent20 March 2021

D17:30DanHi. Can you recommend a trading platform altermative to Binance that has the same or similar listings as Binance?17:31I have been using the non-US Binance site but my account is now frozen because Binance learned that I am a US citizen so I need to transfer funds and change platforms.17:32I hold CAKE now and cannot currently trade to BTC or USDT21 March 2021

MT09:44Maksim TcepkovHi. I used 3 exchanges: binance, bitstamp and
Not sure if they list CAKE.
You could sell it back to me if you can’t trade it on exchange

D09:47DanThanks. I may need to do that because US Binance does not list CAKE and I cannot trade my CAKE for BTC or USDT because trades are now blocked09:47I have now registered on the US Binance platform09:48Do you have a CAKE deposit address that Ican send to?

MT09:48Maksim Tcepkov0xfa9504ea08c9dfa9a5f8eb12e83ddd88790e6a92

MT12:00Maksim TcepkovHow is it going? Will you sell it?

D13:08DanI need to get my assets off that platform so I think going through you is best option13:09I just want to make sure I do it right13:09What would you send me in exchange?

MT13:10Maksim TcepkovUSD to ABA or in cash

D13:27DanI thought you could send me other crypto to my new platform….?

MT13:39Maksim TcepkovAt the moment I don’t have in stock. How much of crypto?

D14:20DanEqual to 1.2 BTC currently

MT14:22Maksim TcepkovI can convert to USDT or BTC tomorrow. Up to $20k per transaction

D14:24DanOk, so I should break it up into 4 separate transactions??14:25Alternative is to send it to myself on a new platform but I think I need one that lists CAKE. Binance USA does not list CAKE yet.

D14:42DanOr possibly create a new account on the same non-US Binance platform and transfer into that.14:42I appreciate your thoughts on how to bsst handle this dilemma….

MT14:43Maksim TcepkovI’d withdraw to trust wallet while you still can. Or convert to BTC on binance and transfer in Bitcoin

D14:45DanI can no longer do any spot trade conversion on the current Binance platform.14:45It wont allow me to place any order

MT14:48Maksim TcepkovYou can send it to my binance, I’ll convert to USDT and withdraw to your address14:49Will take 1% fee

D15:17DanOk, let me get prepared15:18Probably not today

MT15:19Maksim TcepkovOk, can do any day before 7pm)


D15:46DanWhat if I bought a new device and registered a new account and transferred my funds into this new account?15:47Does ghat seem like a possibility?15:48The reason ix that I woulc like to maintaintrading access to the many altcoins on that are not on Binance US….CAKE for example15:50I had made the mistake earlier of uploading my US passport for identification verification and this was recently discovered by Binance

MT15:52Maksim TcepkovI honestly don’t know how to evade binance’s tracking of us citizens. They may be tracking other way than device. Looking in blockchain itself may be22 March 2021

MT08:40Maksim TcepkovHi. How does it go? Managed to create another account?
I think if we agree on fees I could create a simple telegram bot that would let you manage your cake account on my binance

D18:22DanI only did more research today18:23Coinbase looks like abettrr option than Binance US18:23I thought about asking you to set up a proxy account for me18:25But I was trading often and didnt want to bother you often or have to pay fees for each trade

MT18:28Maksim TcepkovHow I can help? I could transfer your funds to coinbase?18:31Ah, coinbase lists CAKE, alright 🙂

D19:20DanYes19:21I want to check if they have STEEM and HIVE too19:21I cant find my Coinbase address yet…19:33here is my Coinbase BTC address: 1mhjCwwWdTPQQBzBb7UUcmXpVUaHqbRAa19:35It seems I cannot create a CAKE address on Coinbase23 March 2021

D09:43DanI checked again….Coinbase does not list CAKE. It only allows tracking of it and putting it on a watchlist

D14:51DanCan I call you to discuss how a proxy account on your account would work?14:51Would I need to contact you each time I made a trade?

MT14:54Maksim TcepkovNo, there will be telegram bot with balance and trade features. For cake only

D14:56DanCan I send you some CAKE now to see how this would work?14:57I imagine that once Coinbase lists CAKE then I should be able to easily transfer into Coinbase from using this Telegram bot?

MT14:58Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageIf you will agree on this proxy account I will have to code the bot first14:58Withdrawal is manual through me

D15:00Danok, so what action would I need to take other than giving you my consent to agree to the proxy account?

D17:56Danmy deadline to leave is 23:59:59 EST on March 26, 202117:56could the bot be made before then?17:56would you charge for this?17:58I would like to use a platform that is secure but that also lists a large number of altcoins17:59any suggestion of an alternative to for the many questions but there will be more purchases done through your service going forward

MT18:15Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageI will create a bot tomorrow to manage your assets, will let you know. At first it will support cake only18:16In reply to this messageWill not charge for creation, each trade will have 0.25% fee on top of binance’s 0.1%18:16In reply to this messageCan add more tokens when everything works with CAKE18:16In reply to this 🙂

D18:17Danwill the funds sit within your Binance account with bot made that gives me control to trade it/place orders?

MT18:17Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageExactly18:18Commands like:18:18Balance18:18Limit sell

4018:18Market buy 10 cake18:18Authentication by your telegram id24 March 2021D10:56DanHow long would it take you to create this BOT?

MT10:56Maksim TcepkovHi. Will be complete today evening

D10:56DanCAKE seems to be having a good period….so I think Id like to continue to hold it for now10:57The other major platforms that I have researched do not seem to list CAKE10:58Would you charge for the BOT in addition to the 1% fee?

MT10:58Maksim TcepkovNo

D11:15DanCan I ask why you had advertised to buy CAKE? Do you think this is a token with potential for growth?

MT11:20Maksim TcepkovI did because you showed interest 🙂 As for me, I believe one Bitcoin is enough revolutionary at the moment, people must focus coding on it

D16:58DanNo, I mean that before I contacted you about buying CAKE, I saw your recent advertisement about buying different cyrptocurrencies and CAKE was one of them.

MT17:34MaksimTcepkov say balance to this guy, I’ll record your telegram id for authentication

D18:03DanI clicked the link and wrote “Balance”

MT18:29Maksim TcepkovOk, the hardest part is done. Now bot can place limits orders and list balances18:29Try to say help or hi to it18:30Try to place an order, parsed info is fed directly to binance api and if api results in error then it is displayed18:34Next step would be to deposit a small amount to try it out tomorrow and at the end of the day it will be ready for trading on your behalf

D19:20Danwhere does it go when I sell?19:23I tried an example19:24what about “cancel”?

MT19:28Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageIt’s CAKEUSDT pair, using a subaccount on binance19:29In reply to this messageYes, I’m working on list and cancelling19:34At first it will not deduct fee from trades automatically, so it’s free until I add other pairs and make it usable as interface to binance. After this it is 0.25% from each trade on top of binance’s 0.1%.
Until then I’ll take 1% on deposits to your account within mine. Withdrawals are free

MT20:36Maksim TcepkovIt’s ready, with list and cancel. I’ve put 10 CAKE there. Feel free to play with it, feedback is appreciated25 March 2021

D07:48Danthanks07:48What happens when I want to move from Binance to my Coinbase account?07:48Can I do it or do you have to do it?07:50If I want to buy another Token like HIVE, then can you just copy this BOT for HIVE?

MT09:32Maksim TcepkovI will withdraw manually. My plan is to add more tokens in the same bot, so that you chose a pair context first and then trade.

D10:10DanSince such withdrawal is manual, I would be placing a lot of trust in a relationship with you….someone whose identity is unknown to me. Would you be willing to share some identifying information with me so that I know who I am dealing with?

MT10:13Maksim TcepkovI understand completely, we can do mutual KYC and optionally sign a brokering agreement.Are you in Cambodia?

D10:14Danyes10:14are you a US citizen?

MT10:15Maksim TcepkovWe can meet if you’re in Siem Reap, otherwise can sign online

D10:15DanIm in Kampot

MT10:15Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageNo10:15Russian passport

D10:15Danok10:16I assume that you know Steve Miller?

MT10:16Maksim TcepkovI don’t usually uncover my identity for safe trading here in Cambodia, so please do not disclose it to others after you got it:)10:16In reply to this messageYes, personally. I’ve bought CryptoAsia from him

D10:17DanRight. I agree not to disclose any identifying info with anyone else

MT10:17Maksim TcepkovWould you care for brokering agreement or just mutual KYC is fine?

D10:17DanDo you have these agreements already?

MT10:18Maksim TcepkovNope

D10:18DanIm a lawyer….so could find samples in my files….10:18what about just sharing your passport page?

MT10:21Maksim Tcepkovtcepkov-1.pdf609.0 KB10:21Share yours too)10:22I’d like to be ready to explain binance why I’m holding american coins)

D10:22Danok10:23But why do you think Binance would ever know that you are holding on behalf of a US citizen?10:23my funds would be within your Binance account, right?

MT10:25Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageI think to avoid uncertainty and risk of shutdown I would said them I bought these coins from you so that I’m not holding your coins, I’m holding my coins (for binance). Separately we could have an agreement that everything on this particular subaccount you can demand back as a loan repay10:26In reply to this messageYes, verified10:26In reply to this messageBecause sent from your address

D10:27DanPassport scan.pdf218.6 KBDPN PP10:27Im going out now.10:28Can do a trial transfer a bit later this afternoon?10:28Sorry, but can you confirm the CAKE address that I should send to again?

MT10:29Maksim Tcepkov0xfa9504ea08c9dfa9a5f8eb12e83ddd88790e6a9210:29In reply to this messageYes, I assume it’s CAKE


MT10:42Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageWanted to ask which coins you will deposit so i send address)

D14:00DanCAKE14:00only CAKE

D18:52Dancan I test now or should we do it tomorrow?

MT19:06Maksim TcepkovYes, it’s functional. You can send cake to the given address and I will route to your subaccount

D19:06Danok, I will try it19:13just sent19:13please confirm receipt

MT19:15Maksim TcepkovNot received. Do you have txid? It needs to confirm in blockchain

D19:19DanBinance said I would receive an email which I have not received yet19:19an email confirmation19:21image_2021-03-25_19-21-16.png170.0 KBscreen shot19:23still not received19:23this is insane.

MT19:24Maksim TcepkovCheck spam?)

D19:24Danyes19:24I have received other Binance emails before to same address

MT19:25Maksim TcepkovSometimes they delay19:25For me happened up to 5 minutes


D19:43Danstill nothing….19:49I am now on the website trying to withdraw CAKE19:49is it OK to use the BSC network?19:51the transaction was cancelled19:51I never received the Binance confirmation email to confirm the withdrawal

MT19:53Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Mar 25, 2021 19:53:16)19:53Did you ever send cake to another binance address?


MT19:53Maksim TcepkovIt is BSC network

D19:53DanI just retried19:54Im supposed to receive an email to confirm19:54didnt receive anything on last attempt

D20:18Danit seemed to work now20:18image_2021-03-25_20-18-37.png545.4 KBscreen shot20:18done through the website

MT20:19Maksim TcepkovGot it. 5 minutes

D20:19Danwhat do you mean….5 minutes?

MT20:20Maksim TcepkovI’ll send to your subaccount

D20:20Danoh ok

MT20:24Maksim TcepkovDone. On your balance in bot now is the sum I’ve received minus 1% deposit fee

D20:25Dannoted.20:25thanks20:25shall we do the rest tomorrow?20:26also, are any trading pairs ready to use now?

MT20:28Maksim TcepkovCAKEUSDT is active now. Try it)20:29In reply to this messageTry out the interface and if it’s acceptable, then yes

D20:49Danis there an order confirmation when a limit order is fulfilled?20:49looks like no but I guess thats ok20:49I can recheck using “balance”

MT20:59Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageNot yet20:59In reply to this messageExactly21:00Tell me which features are the top priority

D21:01DanI think additional trading pairs with USDT21:01or BTC21:01such as BAT, HIVE21:01is this easy to replicate?21:02and ADA21:02NPXS

MT21:02Maksim TcepkovI think twice as more difficult as the initial launch

MT22:05Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageI will implement tomorrow command ‘symbol’ to change what you’re trading22:05And same interface will apply to other pair26 March 2021

D08:04Danthat would be great

D09:29Dando you have a Tron address?09:29I have small amounts of other cryptos

MT12:30Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Mar 26, 2021 12:30:05)12:30Binance doesn’t support tron?

D13:15DanIm going to send some more13:15ready?

MT13:15Maksim TcepkovYes

D13:15Dana few minutes13:24got it?

MT13:25Maksim TcepkovI got more cake. Going to transfer

D13:25Danlet me know, then I will check balance

MT13:28Maksim TcepkovDone13:28Symbol change may be not completed today, but soon

D13:30Danyou took your fee already, right?

MT13:33Maksim TcepkovYes

D13:34Danto convert to USDT I think it is “limit sell CAKE at (price) for USDT”…..right?

MT13:34Maksim TcepkovCan say just: sell 1000 for 1613:35It’s always cake for now

D13:35Danok13:35and it will automatically sell into USDT so dont need to write “USDT” either?

MT13:35Maksim TcepkovYes13:36Pair is CAKEUSDT now

D13:36Danok13:42what about “sell all”?13:43or do I need to input a number of tokens?

MT13:44Maksim TcepkovAt the moment ‘all’ will not have effect. Going to implement it as well, ok.13:44Can use only number for now

D13:44DanokD16:16Dando you have a TRON address?

MT16:17Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageI can’t find it on binance tron

D16:18DanTRX16:18I have a small amount in my account

MT16:18Maksim TcepkovTKxugUnjfV3EzbgwEGNFqcTCuDBxvPT35o

D16:22Danthe transfer network is TRC20

MT16:22Maksim TcepkovYes

MT16:41Maksim TcepkovGot your TRX. I can transfer into your account using computer only, I’m outside now, will deposit soon

D16:41Danok16:41no problem

D18:52Dandeposited yet?18:55do you work with the “Cryptoasia Robot”?18:55I have never used it

MT19:25Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageYes, I work on it, it will be launched soon in Facebook

MT20:03Maksim TcepkovSent TRX to your account27 March 2021

D09:36Danthanks09:50can I confirm that to cancel an order on the bot I simply write ‘cancel”?

MT09:55Maksim TcepkovHi. Yes09:55Will cancel all

D13:29Danwhat new pair will you create next?

MT13:31Maksim TcepkovTrxusdt

D13:31Danoh, please do another instead if you are making it for me13:32I dont trade TRX

MT13:32Maksim TcepkovOk. The change is that symbol will be comfortable, so you can pick any in fact


D13:48DanI just sold out of CAKE13:48but total balance of USDT does not look right13:49I sold 6627 CAKE at 14.90

MT13:49Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Mar 27, 2021 13:49:13)13:50

Screenshot (Mar 27, 2021 13:49:52)

D13:50Danok now13:50but when I first tried “balance” I got only 2134 USDT

MT13:50Maksim TcepkovI see

D18:27Danwhen can I try the new “symbol” trade?

MT18:28Maksim TcepkovHi. Tomorrow evening ok, I can hardcode one other symbol you choose instead of cake18:28From USDT what you’d buy?

D18:29DanOh, ok18:29so you need me to choose 1 more?

MT18:29Maksim TcepkovI mean can hardcode now quickly


MT18:29Maksim TcepkovI can change from cake for you now

D18:29Danno rush

MT18:30Maksim TcepkovOk, then tomorrow will implement symbols change

D18:30Dangreat. thanks

D20:39Danhmmm….I retried balance again20:39strange result

MT20:40Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Mar 27, 2021 20:40:14)

D20:40Dandoes it not count USDT that is placed under a BUY order (even if the order is not yet filled)?

MT20:40Maksim TcepkovIt’s because balance doesn’t count placed orders

D20:40Danok, got it

MT20:40Maksim TcepkovShould I include?

D20:41Daninclude the amount placed under the BUY order?

MT20:41Maksim TcepkovYes

D20:41Danyes, if its easy to include

MT20:43Maksim TcepkovPatched. Should update in five minutes20:45Works now28 March 2021

D08:47Dancan you make a DOT/USDT pair?

MT09:13Maksim TcepkovDone. Working on configurable

D09:35Danconfigurable means the “symbol” function?

MT09:35Maksim TcepkovYes, nearly done. For now I hardcoded polkadot

D09:39Danwhoa! potential problem….I just entered a buy order for DOT and did not mention “CAKE”09:39the bot response mentioned CAKE09:39the danger is that I entered a price that was almost double the current price for CAKE

MT09:40Maksim Tcepkovlooking exactly at this code right now 🙂 order was set for DOT, CAKE is just text

D09:40DanokMT09:50Maksim TcepkovOn binance even if your limit order is lower than market, it will be executed by market rate09:51Uploading new code, please don’t touch the bot for now

D09:51Danright…but if the buy limit is higher is the execution price still market?09:51ok, I put an order in 5 min ago but wont do anything more until you tell me

MT09:57Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageYes09:58works now09:58’symbol’ reads current symbol09:59’symbol something’ sets a new symbol09:59orders are displayed for selected symbol09:59cancel command is also for active symbol10:00well, all commands except ‘balance’ is using symbol context (binance api request symbol for each endpoint)

D10:07Dancan you write an example order using the symbol function?

MT10:07Maksim TcepkovSymbol btcusdt10:07Buy 1000 for 40000

D10:07DanOK, so first I set the trading pair10:07then place the order10:08right?

MT10:08Maksim TcepkovYes, set context first, pair is saved between requests

MT10:40Maksim Tcepkov’history’ now lists last 10 orders for active symbol

D10:54DanI need to fund a Coinbase ethereum wallet10:54Small amount10:54Equal to 500 usd

MT10:55Maksim TcepkovOk, create an order to buy Ethereum and I will withdraw to your address

D12:51Danok12:51example….”buy ETH for 1800″….?

MT12:52Maksim TcepkovSymbol ETHUSDT12:52Buy 100 for 180012:52Will place buy limit order for 100 eth priced 1800 usdt


D13:10DanMy ETH wallet….0x8d1c9907Fa05332Ad2c4A6e7409ADD96dA5f108e13:11the order is not yet complete

MT13:16Maksim TcepkovOk

D14:34Dandoes the symbol function work for any coin listed on Binance?14:34or just top 100?

MT14:35Maksim TcepkovAny pair valid on binance. There is no input validation, if invalid symbol was set, api will return error on order list14:36Btw, added ‘pair’ as equivalent synonym for ‘symbol’. Use whichever you like)

D14:45Danok29 March 2021D06:43Danok, please send the ETH in my account to my wallet address

MT08:59Maksim Tcepkov

D12:19Dansorry, I did not buy enough ETH to fund what I need to do so I just bought some more and need to withdraw to the same ETH address

MT12:32Maksim Tcepkov

12:34Np. I’m working on notifications for filled orders and trading fees30 March 2021

D18:29Danseems to be an error18:29I tried to change symbol to RARIUSDT18:29it worked the first time but then failed when I tried to place the order18:31now I get “invalid symbol” when I type the command “cancel”

MT18:39Maksim TcepkovYes, symbol is not checked when you do order. It’s checked when you interact with the bot

D18:40DanI first successfully changed the symbol function18:41then tried to place this order18:41buy 10 RARI for 3218:41what did I miss?

MT18:42Maksim TcepkovSomething is not functional. It was food just now18:42I’ll set it up soon

D18:43Danmaybe it doesn’t recognize RARI orders

MT18:44Maksim TcepkovSymbol must be supported by binance

D18:45DanOh, I thought it was there. I only saw it on CoinMarketCap3 April 2021

D09:17DanI noticed something….it seems that orders cannot be entered for price less than .0109:18I tried to place to buy order for NPXS (price at 0.0069)….the order seemed to place at .01 instead.09:18so I quickly cancelled because I would be paying much more than the market price

MT09:19Maksim TcepkovHello. I will check it. Which pair is it?


MT12:54Maksim TcepkovI’ve found that order was placed with correct price, the issue was with display of float numbers. It is now fixed

D13:52Danok. thanks

MT16:19Maksim TcepkovStarting now bot is watching for executed orders and apply 0.35% fee on successful trades. This fee is total, including binance’s fee.16:20Have nothing in to do list for this bot, so feature requests are welcomed

D17:50Danany possibility for stop limit orders?

MT18:39Maksim TcepkovYes, can do it quickly. Will keep you updated)

D18:41Dangreat!18:41I dont think it was possible on Binance though….18:41I think Binance only had “sell limit” orders

MT18:41Maksim TcepkovThey have stop limit orders for sure18:42I use it myself18:42If price reached certain level, limit order will be placed

D18:43Danthis is a “sell limit” order18:44stop limit is different and protects against a price fall

MT18:47Maksim TcepkovYou can place buy stop limit as well.18:47

Screenshot (Apr 3, 2021 18:47:24)18:48Or if price drops you can buy or sell depending on price on your stop limit order18:48It has stop price and limit buy/sell price

D18:48Danok18:48usually a “stop limit” order is only a sell order18:49when buying is it just a “buy limit” order18:49thats how it is on my stock trading platform4 April 2021

D13:13DanI typed “cancel”13:13response is “unknown order sent”13:14I typed in a sell order “sell 6993 for 15.20”

MT13:14Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageMeans there are no orders for selected symbol

D13:15Danresponse is “Filter failure: PERCENT_PRICE”

MT13:15Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageThis is exchange giving you error because selected price looks too different from what is current symbol is traded

MT13:16Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 04.04.2021 13:15:59Active symbol is SUSHIUSDT

MT13:16Maksim TcepkovHmm, strange. Price looks right

D13:17Danright13:17my price is just above current market price

MT13:18Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Apr 4, 2021 13:18:26)13:18Couldn’t reproduce13:18There is an order already

D13:23Danyes13:24but I typed cancel just 10 minutes ago before placing a new order

MT13:26Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Apr 4, 2021 13:26:41)13:27In reply to this messageThen it was temporary error. I’ve just cancelled this order

D13:27Danok13:28so no current orders, correct?

MT13:28Maksim TcepkovI’m sure you will be able to “sell 6993 for 15.20” now13:28Correct6 April 2021

MT10:48Maksim TcepkovHello. Writing to inform that fees for last order to buy ONE wasn’t applied because of transient error. It has been fixed and your SELL order amount has changed to amount of ONE -0.35%10:49You are not required to do any action

D12:57Danok20 April 2021

D09:27Danwhat does this message mean?09:27″Rest API trading is not enabled.”09:27it appears when I tried to cancel an order

MT09:34Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Apr 20, 2021 09:33:53)

D09:34Danok09:34so do I have an active order now?

MT09:35Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 20.04.2021 09:35:10SELL NANOUSDT 170980535: 7972 for 9.9 – NEW

D09:35Danand do I have to wait until the update is finished to place a new order?09:37I cannot tell if this order has already executed or if it is “on hold” pending the update completion09:37the “balance” command seems to say that I still have 7972 nano

MT09:38Maksim TcepkovThen order is still there


MT09:38Maksim TcepkovI recommend to try again at noon

D09:39DanI guess that if I cancel this order, then the cancel command would override the sell order when the spot order function is allowed following the update?

MT09:46Maksim TcepkovAfter binance is completed update, cancel command will cancel the order. You will need to say it to bot again09:46They announce two hours, started 9am. Often they extend maintenance time

MT11:38Maksim TcepkovTrading is just opened again23 April 2021

D11:15DanAccount has insufficient balance for requested action.11:15Im getting this message response11:15even though balance says that I still have 7972 Nano

MT11:16Maksim TcepkovYou have an open order for NANO. It’s locked in order

D11:16DanI have cancelled orders11:17which order is “locked in”?

MT11:17Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (Apr 23, 2021 11:17:22)11:17The last one is open

D11:18Dansell for 8.6?

MT11:18Maksim TcepkovYes

D11:18Dancan this order be cancelled and a new sell order placed?11:19why is this sell order locked in?

MT11:19Maksim TcepkovThe order is not locked, the funds are in order and can’t be used again. Order can be cancelled usual way: cancel

D11:20DanI see….but the bot messages do not reflect this11:21This was received after the last “cancel” orcder11:21″Unknown order sent.”11:30it is not clear what is the current order….looks like some Nano have sold

MT11:31Maksim TcepkovI see. Let me check, I’ll get back to you

D11:35Danlatest balance check reports that no Nano have sold….I still have 797211:35but the prior balance check reported 791711:48now is says 7017 again….?11:48sorry, 7917

MT11:50Maksim TcepkovAppears some nano has been sold. Your USDT balance increased. That is likely cause of problem with cancel11:50I’ll fix it soon

D11:50Danright….11:51is it possible to cancel a partially executed order?11:51if not, then perhaps that is the issue11:51I understand that I currently have no sell orders11:51please confirm

MT11:51Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageIt is possible and likely issue in bot11:52Hm, now you don’t have open orders11:52It was cancelled correctly

D18:58Dancurrently not able to place buy order26 April 2021

MT13:45Maksim TcepkovHello. Please check, it should work now27 April 2021

MT09:57Maksim TcepkovHello, Daniel. As you know I exchange crypto retail in Cambodia. I have own capital to execute trades up to 10k, but often I don’t have enough liquidity to complete exchange.
I also have clients who are willing to exchange more than 10k. We could extract profit, only if I would have liquidity to do such trades.10:00I’d like to offer you short-term staking into liquidity pool of CryptoAsia exchange. It’s in USDT yielding daily interest.10:04Amounts between 10-50k, depending on demand. I could pull from pre-approved amount when needed and return back with interest when trade is completed, which is in majority of cases same day10:05Can have dedicated chatroom with bot for accounting

D11:30Danif I insert my capital into this liquidity pool, then it is no longer available as capital for my own trading, correct?

MT11:43Maksim TcepkovCorrect. If you use capital in LP, it will yield daily 0.1% guaranteed in stablecoin USDT.11:47We could also split your liquidity 50/50 between a crypto and stablecoin. So that you can choose pair of exchange to provide liquidity for. And half of funds is in crypto, half in stablecoin.

MT13:07Maksim TcepkovRight now, I have a deal to buy crypto with discount for total 20k. May I borrow 20,000 USDT? Will return 20020 USDT in few hours13:10Daily interest is negotiable. Minimum payout is one day even if I borrow for an hour

D13:10DanYes, you may use it.

MT13:10Maksim TcepkovCool, thanks13:11Will let you know when it’s back

D13:11Danok13:11oh, question….right now I do not have 20K USDT13:12so does that mean that you sell my RSR to buy USDT?13:12and then buy it back?

MT13:12Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 27.04.2021 13:12:00Available coins:
USDT : 57209.374
TRX : 83.59
NANO : 233.097
ONE : 0.0125
DOT : 0.973
RSR : 7000.4125
CAKE : 0.324
PUNDIX: 0.1925

MT13:12Maksim TcepkovYou have

D13:12Danoh13:12I guess my full RSR order did not place13:14which means I missed on yesterday’s pop!

MT13:15Maksim TcepkovPlease send screenshot of conversation when you placed buy order, I’ll look what went wrong

D13:15Danhave been having problems with this bot….13:16nevermind13:17there was no issue13:18I see that I had cancelled the RSR sell order at .079

MT13:18Maksim Tcepkov👍

MT16:04Maksim Tcepkov20020 Tether returned to account

D17:09Danok2 May 2021

D06:24Danbot is not working06:24dont know why

MT09:09Maksim TcepkovOk, checking

MT10:25Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messagefixed

D10:26Danit was stalling….command not recognized

MT10:26Maksim Tcepkovcan you send screenshot?10:26it didn’t reply because backend was disabled because of outstanding billing10:26now it should work

D10:27Danimage_2021-05-02_10-27-12.png698.7 KBscreenshot10:27outstanding billing?

MT10:27Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messagefor google cloud. now paid10:28In reply to this messageYes, this behavior was until now. plz check

D10:28Danseems ok now3 May 2021

MT11:56Maksim TcepkovHi. Can i borrow 9k USD for few days for 0.1% per day? I’m having a deal to buy bitcoins with discount

D18:31Dansorry,Im going to use it6 May 2021

D16:30Dancan you please send my USDT to 0x3ee958eafaac8a7e7d151c17278a9ced8c583e83

D17:07Dannevermind, I used it to make a purchase

D18:07Danhello. I assume that you accept referral clients. I have some people here asking me recently about using Binance trading platform

MT18:32Maksim TcepkovHello. Yes I can open more accounts for your friends. No need to withdraw I assume7 May 2021

D06:57DanMy buy order did not place. I would like to move to KuCoin06:57please send my USDT to the USDT address given above

D15:07DanCan do it today?15:07Do you need any more info to transfer?

MT15:11Maksim Tcepkovsending now15:1860281.15 USDT
Ethereum network, correct?

D15:25DanIm sorry, can you wait til I confirm this….

MT15:25Maksim Tcepkovok

D16:58Dangetting “invalid symbol” with buy order attempt….

MT16:59Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (May 7, 2021 16:59:18)16:59Meaning there is no such pair on binance

D16:59DanI see16:59another reason to move over….17:00sorry17:00there are some that Id like to bjy but not on Binance

MT17:00Maksim TcepkovIt’s ok. Tell your friends I can host their crypto. Is it erc20 tether?

D17:01DanI will tell others….you have been great.17:01let me double check the KuCoin

MT17:01Maksim TcepkovOk

D17:02DanCMC says it is listed on Binance17:02image_2021-05-07_17-01-59.png489.6 KB

MT17:03Maksim Tcepkov

Screenshot (May 7, 2021 17:03:07)17:03Bcdbtc pair

D17:03Danoh, I see17:15Im going to stay with you for now….sorry about the confusion. can you add the USDT amount back?

MT17:15Maksim TcepkovHappy to hear. Give me a moment

D17:17DanHonestly though, I was thinking about risk….like if I could not contact you or if you had an accident….

MT17:18Maksim TcepkovI think binance can issue an API key only for your account with withdrawal enabled. I’ll check it17:24Sent.

D17:24Dannoted with thanks

MT17:24Maksim TcepkovIs there a legal option to write agreement where I authorize you to withdraw amount on your account

D17:25DanYes, but how does it work in practice?

MT17:28Maksim TcepkovBinance staff would process it. I’ll check if they document how to withdraw to third party8 May 2021

D18:14Danis it possible to place market orders using the bot (withtout stating a specific price)?

MT18:15Maksim TcepkovNot yet, but easy to implement18:15Will do in 24 hours9 May 2021

D19:46Danenabled yet?

MT19:46Maksim TcepkovNot yet10 May 2021

MT13:15Maksim TcepkovHello. Market orders can be placed now by omitting price part13:16E.g. ‘buy 2’ will buy 2 BAKE by market price13:17market prices in history are calculated as median of executed trades

D14:31Dangreat. thanks11 May 2021

D16:08DanI bought some Shiba….price is very small so the balance report looks weird16:08can you check it please?16:09its not clear how much I have

MT16:10Maksim TcepkovHello. Ok, let me check

MT16:37Maksim Tcepkovworks now

MT16:37Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 11.05.2021 16:37:19Available coins:
USDT : 16448.00195
TRX : 0.59
NANO : 0.097
ONE : 0.9125
DOT : 0.973
RSR : 0.4125
BAKE : 1.993
CAKE : 0.324
PUNDIX: 0.1925
SHIB : 999000000

D16:37Danok16:38can you also confirm that I can place limit orders for Shiba when the price is so small?

MT16:38Maksim Tcepkovhold on16:41Screenshot at 2021-05-11 16-40-39.png44.7 KBit should work. experiment now, I’ll check on binance it’s correct

D16:48DanI tried to place a limit order….and received this response16:48Illegal characters found in parameter ‘price’; legal range is ‘^([0-9]{1,20})(\.[0-9]{1,20})?$’.16:48Illegal!

MT16:58Maksim Tcepkovfloating numbers price set correctly now, but MIN_NOTIONAL error means that order is too small16:58generally it should be more than 10 USDT

MT16:58Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 11.05.2021 16:57:28Filter failure: MIN_NOTIONAL

D16:59DanOK, I will try again to test17:00I placed a sell limit order for 1 million Shiba17:00looks like it works

MT17:01Maksim TcepkovScreenshot at 2021-05-11 17-01-18.png13.6 KByes, it works16 May 2021

D09:39DanWhat is “NaN”?MT09:54Maksim TcepkovNot a Number.
Can I see screenshot?09:56I see, let me check

MT11:25Maksim TcepkovOrder has been set correctly as you entered. issue with number rendering in history11:36It works now

MT11:36Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 16.05.2021 11:36:13SELL ADAUSDT 1486864278: 7274 for 2.5 – NEWMT11:37Maksim TcepkovScreenshot at 2021-05-16 11-24-36.png13.9 KB

D15:51DanOk, thanks17 May 2021MT13:31Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageI’ll send your binance API keys in secret chat now. Those keys allow you to access your funds on subaccount.

MT23:53Maksim TcepkovDid you receive it?18 May 2021

D07:09Danyes07:10but not sure how to use it19 May 2021

D14:23DanTrying to place sell limit order now14:24But response says insufficient balance to place order14:24Doesnt make sense

MT14:25Maksim TcepkovYou have an active sell order for this pair. ADA is locked in this order

MT14:25Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 19.05.2021 14:24:52SELL ADAUSDT 1486864278: 7274 for 2.5

MT14:25Maksim Tcepkovcancel first

D14:34DanOk14:35Sorry14:38Is there a “sell all” function where I dont have to input the number of tokens?

MT14:39Maksim Tcepkovwill implement within 24 hours

D19:37DanIm getting the same insufficient balance response when trying to place a new sell order19:43Can you check?

MT19:43Maksim Tcepkovchecking now19:46You have an active sell order. It’s scientific notation again (bug) but SHIB is locked in an order

MT19:46Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 19.05.2021 19:41:33SELL SHIBUSDT 56574637: 1.0194212e+9 for 1.6e-5D20:08DanOk, but cant see the confirmed price

MT20:31Maksim TcepkovOn it20 May 2021

D06:34DanAlso, can you make a command for buy orders to buy the maximum possible from my usdt when I do not insert a number of tokens?

D07:13DanAnd is there a way to wire transfer to you?07:13Or through ABA?

MT09:38Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageCan do with ABA, but there is no wire to binance, so I’ll sell crypto with my exchange rate +4%09:38Maximum amounts will be ready today

D10:06Danafter “cancel” command, I get “unknown order sent” response

MT10:55Maksim TcepkovIt has been cancelled

MT10:55Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 20.05.2021 10:55:18No orders.

MT14:11Maksim Tcepkovsell all14:11sell all for 10014:11works now14:12Screenshot at 2021-05-20 14-11-21.png54.7 KBhowever, when you try to sell small amounts the exchange will not let you do it and reply with “filter failure”14:13it happens because amount on account is too small to trade21 May 2021

D19:38Danproblem placing sell order again22 May 2021

D08:27Dancan you check this please?08:27it may be an issue with the amount of numbers entered for SHIBU – both token amount and price

MT18:33Maksim TcepkovOk, will check soon23 May 2021

D08:01DanBuy orders work08:01Large quantity sell orders for SHIB get errorr esponse08:02I will try again now

MT11:04Maksim TcepkovScreenshot at 2021-05-23 11-03-33.png26.8 KBSHIB orders has been placed successfully. I guess you were confused with scientific notation for numbers

MT11:44Maksim Tcepkovnumbers are now displayed normally11:44orders

MT11:44Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 23.05.2021 11:43:56SELL SHIBUSDT 71400482: 10000000 for 0.000012

MT11:44Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 23.05.2021 11:43:57SELL SHIBUSDT 71401337: 10000000 for 0.000015

MT11:44Maksim TcepkovYou have two active orders26 May 2021

D12:36DanDoes “cancel” cancel all orders for all tokens?

MT12:36Maksim TcepkovFor currently selected symbol

D12:36DanOh, ok

MT12:36Maksim TcepkovAll orders12:36Ok1 June 2021

D08:29DanSell all order function not working for SHIB08:29Can u check?

MT08:36Maksim TcepkovOkMT09:25Maksim TcepkovWhat happens is that bot reads your “all” command and put all available SHIB to a sell order. However, there is another active SHIB order and available SHIB amount is only 0.48, which in turn triggers binance to refuse too small trade.
It is intended expected behavior. To “sell all” cancel existing order first 😊

D10:45Danok, got it2 June 2021

D16:18Danhmmmm…Ive tried again16:18changed the symbol16:18then “cancel”16:19then “sell all”16:19didnt work16:21maybe the order has to understand not to sell the .000 of the total amount, and only whole number of tokens

MT16:26Maksim Tcepkovhm, correct quantity is being sent to binance, not sure why ‘Filter failure’16:26need more time

D16:29Danok, its not absolutely necessary but makes it easier to place the order

MT16:46Maksim TcepkovI found problem is that binance doesn’t allow fractions in orders for SHIB. You balance has fraction .48, which ‘all’ was replaced with.16:47I’ve fixed it for SHIB, please allow 5 minutes for the change to propagate

D16:50Danok, thanks

D19:23Danthis is not working19:23trying to sell shib now19:23nevermind19:24looks like it worked!

MT19:24Maksim TcepkovGreat22 June 2021

D15:51DanProblem trying to place sell order again15:52I input the quantity that I have but message says I am stating a quantity above what I have

MT15:52Maksim Tcepkovchecking15:57You have 553070.825 MITH in account. You command ‘Sell 140229889 for .036’ is above your balance.
Order ‘Sell all for .036’ is executed with a wrong amount precision which makes Binance to fail.
That is a bug to be fixed. Workaround for now is to say ‘Sell 553070 for .036’ (without fractions)

MT15:57Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 22.06.2021 15:54:29Available coins:
USDT : 187.3404269
TRX : 0.59
ADA : 0.215
NANO : 0.097
MITH : 553070.825
ONE : 0.9125
DOT : 0.973
RSR : 0.4125
BAKE : 1.993
CAKE : 0.324
PUNDIX: 0.1925
SHIB : 0.48

D15:59Danyeah sorry15:59I see what I did wrong15:59I mistook the order number for the quantity of MITH

MT16:01Maksim TcepkovIt’s alright, I’ll fix the precision bug soon, the code is ready in another project30 June 2021

MT17:24Maksim TcepkovHi

MT17:24Maksim TcepkovMTMaksim Tcepkov 29.06.2021 15:49:13Hello. I am very sorry to informed you that we understand your frustration. However, we are not in the position to provide any additional details, except those that had been already provided in the previous email – your account has been flagged by a third party compliance tool and as a result, we are unable to serve you further in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Please withdraw all the funds as soon as possible.

If you have any issues with the withdrawal function, please notify our support team as soon as possible.

We are counting on your understanding and apologize for the inconvenience caused.

MT17:24Maksim TcepkovBinance found I host your money17:25I guess it was uploaded from another exchange, so they tracked this down easily

D17:41Danok17:41can you help me to withdraw?17:41I have a coinbase account.17:43this is my Coinbase BTC address17:431mhjCwwWdTPQQBzBb7UUcmXpVUaHqbRAa

MT17:48Maksim TcepkovThey didn’t let me to trade, so you have BAKE. Are you sure you want to keep funds on a us exchange?
They work like banks, tax office may be interested17:48I can help you to disconnect the funds with your name

D17:49Danif you “disconnect” my funds then what happens to them?17:49merged into your account?17:49and then I would trade by instructing you?

MT17:49Maksim TcepkovYou can keep it on a decentralized exchange and participate in trade as well17:50Don’t give custody of it to banks

D17:50Danwhat exchange? not Binance?

MT17:52Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageDecentralized exchanges on blockchain. Pankacake swap for binance chain and uniswap for ethereum.
These are examples and the oldest, but they don’t have limit and stop loss limit orders, only market orders basically17:53But it’s with smart contracts, only you hold private keys17:53Are you familiar with it?

D17:53Danok, but then I am only able to trace ETH?17:53I am not familiar17:53I could learn….17:55is this the API that you created for me before?

MT17:56Maksim TcepkovAre you in PP?17:56We could meet

D17:56Danno17:56kampot17:56but we could have a zoom call?

MT17:56Maksim TcepkovI never used it

D17:57Danor anything else

MT17:57Maksim TcepkovGive me time, may be a day, to understand what exactly I can offer to you

D17:57Danthank you

MT17:57Maksim TcepkovI want to use my knowledge of decentralized exchanges to keep you out of radar

D17:58Danor I just transfer to Coinbase…18:01is trading blocked for now?

MT18:03Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageYes, they didn’t unlock it

D18:04Danok, so current BAKE/USDT quantity can only be transferred and not traded, correct?

MT18:05Maksim TcepkovIt can be traded. I think I can teach the bot to trade on a dex18:05Otherwise, I can transfer only BAKE and usdt

D18:05Danjust dont lose it to Binance as a penalty

MT18:06Maksim TcepkovI have custody of it already, no worries18:06You can have it

D18:06Danok, well let me know what you come up with18:07if it is workable then I will consider18:07otherwise I guess I need to transfer to Coinbase1 July 2021

D06:23Danis Krakken an option?

MT17:04Maksim TcepkovIt’s up to you, if you trust they will not lock or tax you, I’ll send there. Do they have BAKE?

D17:04Dani have not checked yet17:05will check myself17:05do you definitely need to transfer to an account that has BAKE?17:05or can you convert to USDT or BTC first?

MT17:06Maksim TcepkovI can convert17:06Bake is on binance smart chain

D17:07DanI dont need specific access to BAKE….although that is what I hold now

MT17:07Maksim TcepkovEasier to convert to BUSD, but can do cross chain (Usdt) with higher fee.

D17:09Dandid you come up with any ideas on your end as to how to manage my funds through your account?17:09if it is too complicated, then I think I will have to transfer out

MT17:09Maksim TcepkovThere is an option to convert it to cash, and then buy crypto for this cash so that crypto is not connected to you17:10I’ll not be able to quickly setup a Dex trading for you

D17:10Danok17:10dex = decentralized exchange?17:13the main problem is that I am a US citizen, correct?17:13and accounts held by US citizens trigger additional compliance/penalties that the exchanges dont want to deal with….right?

MT17:14Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageYes, unless it’s a US exchange every other with lock accounts if they found it’s US money17:14In reply to this messageYes

D18:00Danwould it be possible to hold BAKE with you and wait until the current sell order of 4.3 executes and then convert to USDT and transfer to me?

MT19:44Maksim TcepkovYes19:444.30 usd cent per bake right?

D20:13Danthat was my last order2 July 2021

D07:03Danbut first….since I cannot trade anymore….can you convert my USDT to USDC or BTC and transfer to my Coinbase?07:04Coinbase does not list USDT3 July 2021


MT10:01Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageThere is 174 USDT, everything else is in BAKE which I suppose to sell at 4.30D10:02DanI understand. The question is how to transfer since Coinbase does not have USDT.

MT10:02Maksim TcepkovSend this small amount or convert all? It’s cross chain, will be bake to busd, busd to usdt10:02Bitcoin?

D10:03DanBTC will work if you can convert all to BTC once BAKE is sold

MT10:04Maksim TcepkovOk. Dex doesn’t have a limit order, so I’ll sell for market price today ok?

D10:05Danand if it is easier/cheaper (lower fees) to do one transfer after BAKE sale at 4.3010:05do you want to get rid of it soon?

MT10:06Maksim TcepkovYes, don’t want to keep that in mind when not automatic10:07Coinbase may be works best for you

D10:07DanI think so10:07for now10:08you can still accept non-US clients, right?

MT10:11Maksim TcepkovI don’t have binance anymore, disrupted my exchange business a lot.
I may have another account, even no need to verify, and can even host your funds, but need to unlink trace to your name in blockchain.
Withdrawn BAKE can be traced.
If we buy paper cash, and then buy again say Bitcoin, can create a new binance account with api keys and telegram interface as before10:14This way binance won’t have to be worry about US money, because their compliance tool will not see connection10:14Last few days I’m sick though, if do it then next week

D10:15Danok, so should I wait for you to confirm?10:15I understand that you still hold my USDT/BAKE outside of Binance, right?

MT10:15Maksim TcepkovIf not, I can sell BAKE and send today10:15In reply to this messageYes

D10:17DanI can wait10:17Thank you

MT10:18Maksim TcepkovSo you’d like it to be a new binance account?

D10:19Danyes, if you can do it10:20will you take a fee for creating it and transferring?

MT10:21Maksim TcepkovThere will be a fee to convert to cash and back to fresh crypto. About 5% depends on what traders will offer for conversion

D10:25Danok, can I give you my decision by tomorrow?4 July 2021

D09:01Danif you are still ok to keep me as a client, I would like you to cash out/in with new Binance account09:02please confirm

MT09:13Maksim TcepkovHello, perfect. I already have a new verified account


MT11:00Maksim TcepkovWhat’s minimum price to sell BAKE to continue cash out/in?

D11:20Danlet me know when it is done and fees deducted11:22can we wait until 2.2?

MT11:22Maksim TcepkovWe can, it’s up to you. Just please watch the price and let me know when to sell

D11:23Danyeah, ok11:23waiting for a small pop

D18:24Danhow long will it take you to process the cash out/in?18:24if its less than 1 hour then can do it any time

MT18:28Maksim TcepkovIt will take 2-3 days on next week

D18:28Danok18:29I will tell you when if you can wait…

MT18:30Maksim Tcepkovsure18:30I can6 July 2021

D10:48DanYou can sell my BAKE now10:48and let me know when the cash in to USDT is completed

MT10:49Maksim TcepkovOkay, selling10:51Screenshot at 2021-07-06 10-51-21.png84.2 KBGo?

MT11:36Maksim TcepkovConverted to 2633011:36Busd

D13:10DanBUSD?13:11is that the Binance Tether?


Maksim TcepkovYes, their stable coin which is easier to convert to dollars

D13:11Danok13:12so are you asking if I now ant to buy BAKE again?

MT13:12Maksim TcepkovNo, I’m not

D13:13DanI thought this would take 2-3 days, correct?

MT13:14Maksim TcepkovYes, to convert from BUSD crypto to US dollars and then back to new crypto, Tether or bitcoin to be able to deposit to new binance not tainted to your name


MT13:15Maksim TcepkovBusd is not on binance, it’s in their smart chain

D13:15Danjust curious…how was it linked to my name before?13:15I thought it was an account within your account

MT13:16Maksim TcepkovYou moved to another exchange from binance, and then moved to me. So they just looked in blockchain. And all centralized exchanges share information about crypto address owner13:17Or if you moved directly from your binance account is even simpler7 July 2021

D17:02Danwhen do you expect to complete the sale/cash-in?

MT17:03Maksim Tcepkovtomorrow, crypto 90% has been transferred to your new anonymous account

D17:03Danok, but not yet available for trading, right?

MT17:03Maksim TcepkovI should calculate, connect the bot, update code and can launch17:04In reply to this messageI can execute an order manually, there is about 24k USDT17:06Screenshot at 2021-07-07 17-05-55.png87.3 KB17:06It is required to update code before I release, because there are no sub-accounts feature now and I must figure out how to collect fees17:06from trading

D17:07Danok, understand8 July 2021

MT13:34Maksim TcepkovHi, Daniel. Your assets were transferred and bot is ready to trade same way as before

D16:29Danok16:30do I have BTC now?16:30Balance check shows BTC

MT16:31Maksim TcepkovI used BTC to deposit, there is a small fraction (dust). Main asset is USDT

D16:31Danis it enough BTC to trade?16:32sell?

MT16:33Maksim TcepkovE-7 means 7 digits after dot. So 2.4E-7 is short for 0.00000024

D16:34Danwhen you converted earlier the total was 26330 USD equivalent, correct?16:35now is 24610 USDT16:35so this is approximately 2,000 difference….was this the total in your fees and other cash out fees?

MT16:36Maksim TcepkovYes, then I bought bitcoin, sold it for USD cash and then bought Bitcoin again so there is no trace at all. It turned out about 7% instead of approx. 5% I forecasted before16:386.53% to be precise


MT16:42Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageIt was BUSD at first, cause BAKE was on binance smart chain16:42oops, nevermind

D16:42Dannevermind what?

MT16:43Maksim Tcepkovwhat I just said

8 July 2021

MT16:43Maksim TcepkovI confused your two messages17 July 2021

D12:17Danif I want to buy more do I transfer by ABA or Wing?

MT12:18Maksim TcepkovI can accept ABA from you

D12:18DanOK, what is your acct #?

MT12:18Maksim Tcepkov000 639 149

D12:21Danjust sent you $1,000 to test12:21please confirm

MT12:21Maksim TcepkovGot it12:22Bitcoin?12:22I’ll send in Bitcoin to your account


MT12:29Maksim TcepkovDone19 July 2021

D14:14Danis there a max limit that you can accept by ABA transfer?

MT14:15Maksim TcepkovIn theory there should be limit, but I’m sure it’s high enough14:15How much do you want to buy?

D14:16Danaround 9,000

MT14:17Maksim TcepkovCan do no problem

MT14:37Maksim Tcepkov000 639 149
I have Bitcoin ready

D14:37Danok, lemme check if my interbank transfer went through14:40sent 10K

MT14:40Maksim TcepkovGot it14:41I’ll credit your account soon

MT15:03Maksim TcepkovDone

MT15:03Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 19.07.2021 15:02:47Available coins:
BTC : 0.30734547
USDT : 123.84644117
STORJ : 29176.64
HIVE : 1998.4
BAKE : 0.72

D15:13Danok, thanks24 July 2021

D06:28Dangetting this error message in bot: Filter failure: PERCENT_PRICE

MT13:03Maksim TcepkovTry price that differs less from current price

D13:03Danok but is there a setting that limits the spectrum of limit orders?13:04the price I used was only 2.3 when the market price was 2.1

MT13:04Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this message reply to this messageI’ll check

D16:53Danand…? I just tried same order again at 2.316:53with same error message

MT16:54Maksim TcepkovWrite order as you would say to bot here, I’ll create it manually for now and will check the code ASAP

D16:55Dansell 4996 for 2.4

MT16:55Maksim TcepkovYour symbol is 1INCHBTC16:55That is the problem

D16:56Danoh shit

MT16:56Maksim TcepkovSet to 1INCHUSDT

D16:56Dansorry man

MT16:56Maksim TcepkovOk 🙂

D16:56Dansorry to bother you

MT16:56Maksim TcepkovThat’s my job man25 July 2021

D18:13Dandid you join TG under a new number?18:13can I still contact you here?

MT18:14Maksim TcepkovI did. Keep contact here ok. Other acc is for hookups


MT18:15Maksim TcepkovLogin @mercurio will always be kept


MT18:15Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageYeah, deanoned acc to find women

D18:16DanKhmer women are great but dangerous29 July 2021

D11:15Danstrange…..error again trying to sell11:15after chanfging symbol to hiveusdt

MT11:25Maksim TcepkovOk, I’ll check after breakfast11:29Send screenshot pleaseD11:29

Danimage_2021-07-29_11-29-49.png735.4 KBBot

MT11:31Maksim TcepkovCancel existing order first

MT11:31Maksim TcepkovBBinance for Daniel 29.07.2021 11:31:12SELL HIVEUSDT 131105145: 1998 for 0.6

D11:31Danok, sorry again!

MT16:16Maksim TcepkovScreenshot at 2021-07-29 15-47-07.png61.3 KBHello, Daniel. I just found that bot didn’t send me agreed 0.35% fee on completed trades. I have counted and outstanding fee balance is 160 USDT.
There is not enough USDT on account, which asset I can (partially) sell to get USDT?

D16:18Dancan you take it from my next trade?

MT16:19Maksim TcepkovScreenshot at 2021-07-29 16-18-48.png21.2 KBIt’s ok. I can see there are 2 sell trades. Let me know when it’s completed so that I’ll transfer USDT. Thanks


D19:34Dantotal sale of HIVE was 939.06….so is your fee .35% of 939.06?

MT19:35Maksim TcepkovI counted all trades since 13 june that are on screenshot. Calculated as 0.25% given that binance takes less than 0.1%19:35Total 0.35% yes

D19:38Danok, so the $160 fee is for multiple trades since 13 June, correct?

MT19:38Maksim TcepkovYes

D19:39Dangot it

MT19:39Maksim Tcepkov😊2 August 2021

D11:44Danis the API key that you created before for my account still effective?

MT11:49Maksim TcepkovNo11:49It’s from the locked account5 August 2021

D20:38Dando you use Signal?

MT20:39Maksim TcepkovCurrently not20:39Telegram secret chats are enough secure to me

D20:40DanFYI… August 2021

D15:13Dansorry, can you check….trying to buy HBAR

MT15:14Maksim TcepkovHello. Send screenshot please

MT15:15Maksim TcepkovMTMaksim Tcepkov 10.08.2021 15:15:24Symbol should be HBARUSDT

MT15:15Maksim TcepkovPair to exchange

D15:16Danah, ok

MT15:16Maksim TcepkovYou have USDT, wait I’ll withdraw fees11 August 2021

D15:18Dancan I transfer to the binance account from my Coinbase acct?15:19the fees on Coinbase are high

MT15:20Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageWould have to sell and buy again, so that binance doesn’t track the funds

D15:21Danright15:21so I would sell and transfer to what address?

MT15:23Maksim TcepkovWhat crypto is there? Bitcoin is easiest to cash out/in15:2335Gy5y1dmLAbVCMX7tf1GPtpEXzdkQ9T1e

D15:24DanI can convert

MT15:24Maksim TcepkovOk, Bitcoin12 August 2021

MT03:24Maksim TcepkovI have withdrawn trading fees collected in USDT for the last month. This is as we agreed 0.35% total including binance fee. There are no outstanding fees as of today03:25Calculation is based on crypto asset worth at time of trade in USDT. Binance shows that03:26I got email from them that unidentified accounts will have disabled API after 23 August because of their AML/KYC policy. I will identify it for my friend, so you don’t have to do anything03:26Screenshot at 2021-08-12 03-26-34.png93.2 KB

D07:00Danok, thanks07:00still seems a lot cheaoer than Coinbase07:00do you know anything about Krakken?

D14:05DanI have about 12K more to invest14:05in Acleda acct14:06I can transfer direct to a Wing acct or ABA I think….using the Acleda bank app14:06what works best and which are you more familiar with?

MT14:09Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageUse them before14:10In reply to this messageSend to my ABA account from acleda.

D14:13Danjust sent 5K14:13please confirm

MT14:13Maksim TcepkovSec14:13Received

D14:14Dangreat. you will add as BTC?

MT14:14Maksim TcepkovYes

D14:14Danif yes, wait a bit….14:14I will send another

MT14:14Maksim TcepkovOkay

D14:15Dan7K sent

MT14:16Maksim TcepkovReceived

D14:17Danok, please do the conversion14:17does not have to be BTC but maybe that is easiest

MT14:32Maksim TcepkovWill upload BTC within hour

MT16:20Maksim Tcepkovuploaded15 August 2021

D15:46Dannot sure if you can answer this but I will ask….15:46is it possible to transfer from my Coinbase acct in crypto to your Binance acct?15:47it appears that I cannot transfer crypto on Coinbase but can only cash out and withdraw

MT15:48Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageThey will see it comes from your account and lock binance account15:48The only safe way is crypto to cash to crypto

D16:10Danok16:11even without the acct lock risk, I dont think its possible to transfer crypto from Coinbase

MT16:11Maksim TcepkovReally? You are only exposed to price there? Can’t really use it?16:11Wow

D16:11DanI think so16:11it sucks

MT16:12Maksim TcepkovIt’s hard to be an American citizen truly

D16:12Danit sucks to be an American these days16:14one more thought….I have some ADA saved in my Cardano wallet (Daedalus)16:14would it be a risk to transfer this out to you in ADA?16:15if yes, then not worth the risk

MT16:15Maksim TcepkovYes, it’s a risk. They track not only Bitcoin, but all chains

D16:15Danyeah, ok

MT16:17Maksim TcepkovZcash and monero are private, but I think they delisted long time ago19 August 2021

D09:47DanIm in PP if you can meet for lunch….

MT12:06Maksim TcepkovHi. I’d like to but likely not today. I’m looking for a house to rent

MT21:11Maksim TcepkovWithdrawn 278.88 USDT as trading fees. There are no outstanding fees as of today

Maksim Tcepkov pinned this message4 September 2021

D08:40Dancan you check the bot please?

D09:17Danits not working and I want to trade now

MT09:45Maksim TcepkovHi. How is it not working? Send screenshot please

D09:46Danimage_2021-09-04_09-46-10.png1.1 MB


Maksim TcepkovOk, I’ll check09:48Binance removed access to API because not verified account. I have another one verified ready, will move assets to there today

D09:48Danok, soon?

MT09:48Maksim TcepkovWithin few hours. What order you want to put? I’ll create manually

D09:50DanI can wait for you to move it

MT09:50Maksim TcepkovOk

D16:34Dandone yet?

MT17:14Maksim TcepkovMy laptop is run out of battery and I’m in car to PP from SR17:14Can’t do until evening

MT22:14Maksim TcepkovHi daniel. It works again22:14Please resubmit your orders22:15withdrawn 164 USDT, no outstanding fees as of today5 September 2021

Maksim Tcepkov pinned this message

D07:19Dando you take a fee on BUYs as well as SELLs?

MT12:25Maksim TcepkovYes, same as binance and others, fee on each successful exchange15 September 2021

D20:45Danseems bot is not working20:46not responding20:46image_2021-09-15_20-46-24.png1.1 MB

MT20:47Maksim TcepkovI see. Will check today16 September 2021

D11:22Danfixed yet?

MT11:31Maksim TcepkovNot yet

MT14:28Maksim Tcepkovfixed18 September 2021

D10:56Dando you ever give token advice/recommendations?

MT10:57Maksim TcepkovI’m not trading myself, Daniel. Every time tried to speculate with margin I lost large amounts

D10:57DanI see….

MT10:57Maksim TcepkovAnd I certainly do not watch small coins

D10:58DanI never trade margin

MT10:58Maksim TcepkovI prefer steady service income than gambling on best horse I think)

D10:58Danok11:00Honestly, I dont know how to margin trade….11:00what is the collateral/security offered for trading on margin?

MT11:19Maksim TcepkovYou choose a pair, for example btcusdt, you put collateral either btc or usdt, you can borrow up to 10x of collateral20 September 2021

D13:13Dancan I purchase via ABA?

MT13:13Maksim TcepkovYes


MT13:14MaksimTcepkov000 639 149 maksim

D13:14Danand you have btc to sell or ETH?

MT13:14Maksim TcepkovEither


MT13:15Maksim TcepkovYes, I’ll buy on binance

D13:20Dansent13:20please update when purchased

MT13:21Maksim TcepkovWhich token?

D13:23DanADA13:26sorry, buy HBAR please

MT13:26Maksim TcepkovOk

MT13:41Maksim Tcepkov27500 HBAR*0.97=26675 HBAR to receive

D13:42Dandone?13:423% is total fee?

MT13:42Maksim TcepkovYes

D13:43DanNo HBAR when I enter “balance”

Maksim TcepkovWait a bit


D13:46Danalso, what is NFT?13:47image_2021-09-20_13-46-11.png1.1 MB

MT13:49Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageTry now

D13:49Danis it the sold equivalent of the other tokens that I held before

MT13:49Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageIt was already on account, it worth $0 and i can move it out13:50In reply to this messageI’m not sure what nft is, but certainly not this

D13:51Danyou dont know?13:51can I try to sell it?

MT13:51Maksim TcepkovTry13:52

13:52There is no trade button for nft

D13:52Danweird13:53but it is a listed token that I never bought before

MT13:53Maksim TcepkovYes, it is left from account owner

D13:54Danisnt the account owner you?

MT13:55Maksim Tcepkovmy account was blocked, remember? when we transferred to cash and then to another

D13:55Danyes23 September 2021

D09:16DanQuestion: if I get a hard wallet, can any token be stored on the hard wallet or only BTC?ETH?

MT09:38Maksim TcepkovHello. Ledger can store many tokens22 October 2021

MT13:08Maksim Tcepkovwithdrawn 514 USDT equivalent in BTC, no outstanding fees as of today8 November 2021

D07:31DanCan I buy tokens listed on Binance Smart Chain through you?07:31I am not sure if I am able to buy it on my own

MT08:57Maksim TcepkovHi. Yes, I can help you to buy and hold BSC tokens

D11:10Danwhat about this one?11:10

MT11:28Maksim TcepkovCan buy it, though it will not be as simple as with bot, I’ll do manually

D11:29Dansame fees?11:29Im just considering for now

MT11:30Maksim TcepkovIn reply to this messageThat will be 3% same as if you change crypto to cash28 November 2021

MT20:42Maksim TcepkovHello20:43withdrawn 1034 USDT, no outstanding fees as of today

Maksim Tcepkov pinned this message

MT20:43Maksim TcepkovPlease contact me in my new telegram @bongmaksim29 January 2022

D13:59DanHi Maksim. I understand that you have returned to Russia. I have been trying to contact you and your silence has me concerned….

D14:15DanMaksim TcepkovCancelled