Maksim Tcepkov (Максим Цепков) – Trusted Bitcoin Custodial Service Provider


Mercurio BTC

Cheers, mate! I understand your psychology well now, you expose a classic bank debt collector in your texts.

I admire your skills hiding your identity in crowd and anti face-recognition photoshop skills, it’s outstanding! I learned a lot.
I believe my Binance account is gone for a good reason and back then I also learned chainwatch became real thing now. I’d love to know your real job, but I’m sure you’ll never tell.

I know it might be frustrating, but your money is gone. I’ll not repay, not until I’ll 10x it may be.

Anyone can write anything on the internet, there is no proof you hadn’t modified a bit.

I’m well-fenced here, I don’t run any business in Russia anyways and nobody will start check of low-profit individual based on a blog.

Personal data is not really precious and well-guarded here, it’s just a quick paper to sign routinely.

I can change ID legally without a reason here 2 times a year, with reason you’re creating infinitely!

And Facebook is not even accessible from Russia, mate! 🙂

Please accept the loss of this not much significant money, to be realistic you invested in HIGH-RISK coins such amounts.

Learn from the loss and god bless you.

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